1. Are there things I need to do before the first visit at your practice?
Bring your driver’s license, insurance card and immunization card with you to the appointment. Fill three forms: new patient questionnaire, new patient registration form and HIPPA policy. They are available on our website in ONLINE FORMS.
2. How do I get my newborn started with your practice?
When you arrive at the hospital circle the name of the doctor on the Pediatric Selection for Newborn form.
3. What is your financial policy?
Financial Policy
4. How do I contact Model City Pediatrics when the office is closed?
After Hours Procedures
5. Do you accept walk in appointments?
6. How do I arrange for medication refills?
Prescription Refills
7. What is your policy on referrals?
Patient has to be seen in the office before he/she gets a referral to the specialists